Moving into a different guaranteed fund

If you want more growth potential than the Guaranteed 100 Fund, our Guaranteed 90 Fund could be right for you. The Guaranteed 90 fund has a guarantee but it also offers real prospects for growth, in exchange for taking more risk

The Guaranteed 90 Fund:

  • guarantees to return 90% of your investment on your next guarantee date so it keeps the majority of your money safe
  • takes a bit more risk so you’ve got the potential for more growth than the Guaranteed 100 Fund.

The money-back guarantee:

The money-back guarantee will only apply on your guarantee date. At all other times the value of the investment can go down as well as up. If you take your money out of a guaranteed fund before this date, you may get back less than the guaranteed amount.

If you take some money out of a guaranteed fund before the guaranteed date, we have to cancel units to make the payment. We then reduce the amount we guarantee to give you on your guarantee date by the number of units we’ve cancelled, so you may get back less than you would have if you had left the full sum invested.

More information on our guaranteed funds

If you like the sound of moving into another guaranteed fund, you can find more information on each one in our guaranteed selection page.

Alternatively, ring us on 0800 096 3530 and we can talk through these funds with you.

Next steps

It’s important to make sure that you choose the right funds for you.

So if you need advice about moving into a guaranteed fund, you should speak to your financial adviser. If you don't have one, you can find one at

We’ll send you an Options Form three months before your investment reaches its fifth anniversary. When you’ve made your decision, just tick the option you want and send it back to us.

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