Things to consider

There are a number of factors that can affect how much your bond is worth. Things like:

  • Investment funds – the funds you’re invested in affect how much your bond is worth. Some funds take more risk in order to achieve better growth potential. However, the higher the risk, the higher the potential losses. Other funds take less risk. These are less likely to experience big losses but they are also less likely to achieve big gains. You can check how your funds are performing by looking at your yearly statement or checking your fund performance.
  • Withdrawals – taking money out of your bond will affect how much it’s worth. You can see if you’ve made any withdrawals either by looking online or checking your yearly statement.

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  • Market conditions – Factors such as the recent eurozone crisis, periods of recession and other economic events will affect how certain assets (like shares) are performing.
  • Find out more about how economic conditions are affecting your fund's/funds performance by looking at the fund factsheets.

If you need advice on the value of your bond, please contact your financial adviser. If you don't have a financial adviser you can find one via

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