Will my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still be valid after Brexit?

If you already hold a UK-issued EHIC, this will be valid until the expiry date.

Once your EHIC has expired, you’ll be able to replace it with a Global Health insurance Card (GHIC) which gives you access to free or reduced cost state-provided healthcare if you need medical treatment during a temporary visit to the EU.

Just so you know, there are a few groups of individuals who still need to apply for a new EHIC. Please refer to NHS guidance for more information..

With the GHIC, you can access treatment at the same cost that residents in that country pay. But it’s important to remember that some country’s state healthcare isn’t free so you may need to pay towards your treatment. If you have valid travel insurance, you may be able to claim back this cost from your insurer.

Having a valid EHIC/GHIC doesn’t affect the cover you get through your travel insurance.

To apply for a GHIC, you should visit the NHS website and search for GHIC.

A GHIC is free so don’t trust unofficial websites which charge you to apply for one.