Will you be able to make a payment to me overseas?

Aviva makes international payments into non-UK bank accounts. Currently we believe that we’ll continue to be able to do this for cross-border payments post-Brexit. It’s possible that new transaction charges may be levied on these, both for Aviva and for our customers; however, this is still uncertain.

Additionally, following the outcome of Brexit negotiations, the approach taken by EU/EEA regulators may affect the way in which any payments from the UK into non-UK bank accounts may be regulated or taxed by the country in which the recipient is based.

We don’t yet know what the approach of these regulators or tax authorities will be. We’re continuing to monitor political developments and are engaging with our regulators, so we can minimise any regulatory or operational difficulties that might arise. We’ll always aim to provide the service our customers expect, whatever the Brexit outcome may be.