Can I decide who gets the money from my life insurance policy?

Yes. Putting your money into a trust means you can decide who gets the money from any payout (they’re known as the beneficiaries). Plus, you can name the people who’ll be responsible for distributing that money (they’re known as the trustees).

A trust is a legal arrangement, and you can find out more about the Aviva Trusts we offer.

Putting your policy into an Aviva Trust means we can pay out faster (so long as there’s at least one available trustee) if a claim is approved. It’s because we already know who’s dealing with the payout, which means we don’t have to wait for executors to be appointed.

Another feature of putting your policy in trust is that any money your beneficiaries receive will usually be exempt from Inheritance Tax². But remember, tax liability depends on your circumstances, and tax laws may change in the future.

Setting up a trust is easy, but you’ll need to understand what it means for you legally and financially. So you should speak to a financial adviser or tax specialist, which you can find at

If you don’t put your policy into a trust, you can leave instructions in your will explaining who you want to receive any payout from your policy. However, this may not offer the same protection against Inheritance Tax. The website has more information about writing a will.

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