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You asked: Do I need to select business use on my car insurance policy?

Some policies automatically qualify for personal business use as standard at no extra cost. Unfortunately, we cannot provide business use for chauffeurs/taxi drivers, driving instructors or parcel or takeaway/ fast food delivery.

Please see below a list of the different options and what each of these cover;

  • Social, Domestic & Pleasure Only ( SD&P)
    This excludes any travel to and from work or other business use
  • Social, Domestic & Pleasure plus commuting
    This covers any drivers to drive to and from the same place of work every day. This can also be selected if you travel to different places of work but only one place of work per day.
  • Personal Business Use
    This covers all of the above plus extends cover to the vehicle policyholder and their spouse/domestic partner to drive to different locations of work in the same day.
  • Employer's Business use
    This covers all of the above plus extends cover to any named drivers to drive in connection with the personal business of the vehicle policyholder and/or their spouse/domestic partner.
    For example Mrs Smith owns a Flower shop. Her domestic partner and employee are named drivers on her insurance and will both be covered to drive in connection with her business. If the domestic partner also had their own business, they would all be covered to drive in relation with this too. The employee will only be covered for Social, domestic, pleasure, commuting and business use of the above names, not their own business.

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