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You asked: Do I need to take my car to one of your approved repairers in the event of a claim?

We know how important it is to get back on the road so Aviva provides a nationwide network of trusted repairers enabling us to ensure that you have  your peace of mind.  Our network is the largest in the UK and offers huge benefits: 

  • Approved repairer for all vehicle makes
  • All work will be carried out in accordance with the Vehicle Manufacturers or Thatcham Repair Research Centre guidelines
  • All repairers are British Standard BS10125 accredited 
  • Free collection and delivery of your vehicle from our repairer
  • All repairers are subject to regular independent audit and inspections, ensuring safety and quality

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If you decide to use a repairer that is not approved by Aviva the quality of repair can not be guaranteed and an  additional excess of £200 will apply, this is  in addition to any other excesses under your policy.

Aviva will have to authorise the repair either remotely or physically to ensure the correct method of repair and costs are applied by the repairer you have chosen. The repairer you have chosen will be under no obligation to provide the services you are entitled to under your policy and Aviva cannot provide these services to repairs carried out outside of its approved network.

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