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You asked: Do I need to take my car to one of your approved repairers in the event of a claim?

Aviva have a network of approved repairers who guarantee any work done on your vehicle for three years, or as long as you insure your vehicle with us, whichever is greater (terms and conditions apply)

If you decide to use a repairer that is not approved by Aviva an additional excess of £200 will apply in addition to any other excesses under your policy

Aviva will need to visit the repairer to inspect and authorise the repair. No courtesy car will be provided by Aviva and the quality of repair can not be guaranteed

Please note if you have an AvivaPlus policy the choise of repairer excess is an additional £350 on the Basic tier, £200 on the Regular tier and for the Premium tier there is no additional excess to pay. All choice of repairer excesses are in addition to any other excesses under your policy. 

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