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You asked: Are mobile phones covered by home insurance?

Under contents insurance we will automatically provide cover for loss of or damage to mobile phones caused by any of these events whilst in the home

To cover a mobile against accidental damage in the home you will need to select Extra Accidental Damage cover

If you would also like to be covered away from home you will need to select Personal Belongings cover

For cover limits, exclusions and further information please see our Overview of benefits

Mobile Phone's can be covered against Accidental Damage whilst in the Home on Aviva Plus under the Accidental Damage cover. This is included as Standard on the Premium Tier and is an option on the Regular Tier. If you would like the item covered away from the Home, this would be covered under the "Accidents and Thefts away from the Home". This cover is included on the Premium Tier as Standard and is optional on the Regular Tier.

Please note both of these covers are not available on the Basic TIer.

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