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You asked: Who provides your windscreen cover?

We use a range of supplies for windscreen claims.

To book a repair or replace for your windscreen with our approved windscreen repairers visit here.

Alternatively, you can call our claim specialists on 0345 030 6925. Lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.


If you have our Aviva Motor Insurance and Van Insurance

You will not be covered if you have Third Party cover.

If you have comprehensive cover, windscreen replacements are subject to a £115 excess, repairs to chips are subject to a £10 excess

When using a non-approved glass repairer, there is a limit of £185.


If you have AvivaPlus Car Insurance

With basic cover, you are not covered for glass repair or replacement.

Regular cover excesses are £115 for replacement and £10 for repair.

For Premium cover, there is no excess to pay and there is no limit for a glass replacement.

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