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You asked: How do I change my vehicle?

It's quick and easy to change your vehicle online using MyAviva.

We'll need to know details about the vehicle including the registration number before we can give you a quote to change your vehicle. There may be a change in premium depending upon the details of the new vehicle.

Once logged into MyAviva simply follow the below steps:

  • Click the 'Your policies' tab at the top
  • Click 'Details'
  • Click 'Amend my policy'
  • Click 'Vehicle details'
  • Click 'Replace this vehicle'

Part exchanging
No need to notify us of the time of change as your old vehicle will be covered on the day until you start driving your new vehicle. The cover ceases on the old vehicle when you start driving your new one.

Changes at renewals
If you are approaching your renewal you will not be able to change your policy online so please call us on 0800 056 2192.

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