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You asked: Am I covered for a winter sports trip?

You have the option to add winter sports cover to your quote or policy for an additional premium:

> Single trip cover: You'll be covered throughout the duration of your trip

> Annual multi-trip cover: You'll be covered for up to a total of 31 days within the period that your policy runs. So, if you have taken out winter sports cover two months after having started your annual multi-trip cover you'll have 31 days' cover for the remaining 10 months

Cover limits and exclusions apply so for further information please see our Policy Booklet or the Optional Covers booklet

If you're a new customer you can add winter sports cover to your quote in the "Optional policy covers" section on the "Quote" page

If you have an existing policy and have not started your trip but would like to add winter sports cover please call us on 0800 015 4907

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