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You asked: How do I make a critical illness claim?

If you've been diagnosed with an illness and you think you could be entitled to make a critical illness claim, please contact us as soon as you feel you can.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can be very distressing, so Aviva staff are trained to help making a claim as straightforward as possible. Our experienced, UK based claims team will be available 5 days a week to support you through your claim.

You can make a claim over the telephone and it will usually enable us to deal with your claim more quickly. Our claims team will discuss your claim and can complete the claim form for you over the phone.

You are also welcome to complete a claim form and post it to us at Aviva, Claims Assessment Team, PO Box 520, Norwich, NR1 3WG.

If you're considering making a claim, find out more about our claims process online.

If your policy was previously Friends Life please visit the contact us page to find the correct details.

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