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You asked: I’ve heard about the volatility being caused by Brexit. What will happen to my investments? Why has my fund value gone down?

As you will have heard in the media, the outcome of Brexit is uncertain. That uncertainty has driven – and is expected to continue to drive – volatility in the financial markets over the coming weeks and months.

We can’t predict what impact, if any, the eventual Brexit deal will have on the financial markets and nor can we provide advice as to what action, if any, you should take. We recommend you take independent financial advice before making any decision relating to your investments.

Remember your pension / policy offers a range of different funds you can invest in, and you can track the performance of your funds regularly by logging onto MyAviva.

We’re continuing to monitor political and regulatory developments, so we can minimise any regulatory or operational difficulties that might arise. We’ll always seek to provide the service our customers expect, whatever the Brexit outcome may be. We’ll update our website with any further information, including any relevant actions you may need to take, as soon as possible.

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