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Will you make the Brake Pledge to #DriveSafer?

The Pledge calls for people to drive less and, if they do drive, to do everything they can to protect themselves and the people around them.

Make the Pledge now and put it to the test by taking the Aviva Drive challenge to prove you’re a safer driver.

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Drivers – I'll stay under limits, and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others. I'll slow right down for bends, brows and bad weather, and avoid overtaking.

Everyone – I'll speak out for slowing down and help drivers understand that the slower they drive, the more chance they have of avoiding a crash and saving a life.


Drivers – I'll never drive after drinking any alcohol or drugs – not a drop, not a drag.

Everyone - I'll plan ahead to make sure I, and anyone I'm with, can get home safely and I'll never get a lift with drink/drug drivers. I'll speak out if someone's about to drive on drink or drugs.


Drivers – I'll make sure everyone in my vehicle is belted up on every journey, and kids smaller than 150cm are in a proper child restraint. I'll choose the safest vehicle I can and ensure it's maintained.

Everyone – I'll belt up on every journey, and make sure friends and family do too.


Drivers – I'll never take or make calls or texts when driving. I'll put my phone out of sight and on silent, and stay focused on the road.

Everyone – I'll never chat on the phone to someone else who's driving.


Drivers – I'll get my eyes tested every two years and wear glasses or lenses at the wheel if I need them. I'll take regular breaks and never drive if I'm tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving.

Everyone – I'll look out for friends and loved ones by ensuring they only drive if they're fit for it, and rest if they're tired.


Everyone – I'll minimise the amount I drive, or not drive at all. I'll get about by walking, cycling or public transport as much as I can, for road safety, the environment and my health.