Relocating employees – Aviva’s 2012 report

Among the most surprising facts we discovered, is that there’s a conflict between where employers are choosing to relocate staff and the countries which employees would choose to move to. Businesses, driven perhaps by economic factors, are expanding their operations in the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — all of which are less popular with employees than Australia, Spain or the United States.

Relocation trends

  • One in five (21%) employers say that they’ve sent more employees abroad over the past few years. Two thirds would like to maintain or increase their international assignments over the next few years.
  • Over half the employers we spoke to (58%) would like to relocate staff in new territories. The emerging BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) feature highly on the list of destinations for expansion.
  • Just under half of employees in our survey said they’d already considered a move abroad. A third of the staff we spoke to have friends or family who’ve moved abroad in recent years.

For more information, download the Relocation Trends Report (PDF 1.94MB) and turn to page 4.

Challenges faced on foreign assignments

  • 68% of the employers we spoke to describe the relocation process itself as being a challenging experience.
  • Nearly half (47%) had experienced failed international assignments.
  • 60% said they found it difficult to deal with the many different, complex rules and regulations surrounding relocation of employees overseas.

For more information, download the Relocation Trends Report (PDF 1.94MB) and turn to page 7.

The relocation package

  • Half the employers we spoke to said that it was a struggle to get the rewards package right.
  • 75% give their employees private health insurance, making it the second most offered benefit behind housing allowance.
  • Employers also offer additional support to their staff. This includes giving staff information about the region, putting them in contact with people already living in the area and offering counselling services and support to them.

For more information, download the Relocation Trends Report (PDF 1.94MB) and turn to page 10.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

When it comes to relocating staff overseas, it’s good to see that the employer benefits being offered, are, for the most part a close match to the benefits that employees want. But relocation abroad is always going to be a challenging, and potentially stressful experience — for individuals, their families, and the businesses organising the secondment.

How can Aviva help?

We use the information in our Relocation Trends Report (PDF 1.94MB) to help us identify areas in which Aviva can provide support services that make a positive difference. Our international private medical insurance products include, for example, access to StandbyMD — a 24 hour healthcare service available in 4,000 cities across 86 countries. Standby MD gives Aviva customers the peace of mind that they can speak to a doctor at any time of the day or night.

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