International Solutions for individuals

International Solutions is our award-winning International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) product, which helps you access care and treatment when you're living or working abroad for six months or more.

Important information

New Business

We are not able to offer individual or group International PMI quotes for any new business with a start date of 1 May 2018 onwards.

Existing Aviva Customers

  • Customers with renewal dates prior to 1 May 2018 will be invited to renew with Aviva in the usual way. They will be offered continuation terms from Aetna from the following renewal.
  • Customers due to renew on these products from 1 May 2018 will be offered continuation terms from Aetna.

Please contact us for further details.

Important information

It’s important to fully understand this product’s details before you purchase your policy. Full details of cover, options and exclusions are listed in our pre-sale brochure (PDF 4.63MB) and general terms and conditions (PDF 1.48MB). Non-standard terms may apply to your policy.

We’ve worked closely with experienced partners around the world to make sure International Solutions – and its sister product, Gulf Solutions – offers useful benefits to help you cope with any unexpected illness or injury that happens while you’re living or working overseas.

  • Additional value comes as standard. We provide access to a 24-hour helpline, and have a global network of qualified medical personnel on hand to give medical advice and guidance on dealing with symptoms or seeking further healthcare.

International Solutions has been created with the help of clinical experts who understand what matters most when living or working overseas – not only in terms of day-to-day healthcare and support, but also the regulations surrounding private health insurance in different countries.

The Netherlands

If you will be living in the Netherlands, under Dutch law, you are normally required to have Dutch national health insurance. This cover has to be provided by a Dutch insurer and will give you comprehensive medical cover for treatment in the Netherlands. With that in mind, from 1 March 2015, we are collaborating with OZF Achmea, who are part of the Achmea group, one of the leading Dutch healthcare insurers. This means you can be covered by a local Dutch insurer, and also benefit from the cover provided by International Solutions if you travel outside the Netherlands – at a discounted rate. Find out more about living in the Netherlands.

Living and working in the Gulf

Healthcare regulations are relatively complex in the Gulf, which means IPMI policies often have to be provided by a locally licensed insurance provider. From 1 March 2015, Gulf Solutions covers you if you're based in Bahrain and Jordan, as well as Oman and the UAE.

Changes to regulations in the UAE (excluding Abu Dhabi)

The Dubai Health Authority has introduced new regulations that apply to new policies, and for renewing policies on a phased basis. Please see our flyer for more details (PDF 119KB). With Gulf Solutions, you can rest assured that you will have fully compliant cover in line with the regulations.

What you need to know: the essentials

International Solutions is a flexible product. We’ve created it in a way that helps you choose the additional benefits you want, and take out the ones you don’t – shaping cover to meet your needs and budget:

  • Extensive benefits as standard – £5 million cover each year and options to increase cover or reduce costs
  • Choose between two regions – Worldwide, or Worldwide excluding USA and the Caribbean. For the purposes of the policy the USA and Caribbean includes Costa Rica and the Ascension Isles (if you're living or working in the Gulf region, you'll need our Gulf Solutions policy that's been created specifically for Oman and the United Arab Emirates, and which also includes Bahrain and Jordan from 1 March 2015)
  • Access to international healthcare support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Evacuation to appropriate facilities, if treatment isn’t available locally
  • An improved claims process – easy to understand, straightforward claims
  • Peace of mind – comprehensive cover from an award-winning insurance provider with a worldwide presence

Core cover

This is a summary of the benefits included in every International Solutions policy as standard. For full details please read the International Solutions Pre-Sale Brochure (PDF 4.63MB).

In & Day-patient Care

We’ll provide cover for accommodation, intensive and high dependency care, nursing care and operating theatre costs. We’ll also cover specialists’ fees, diagnostic tests, radiology (such as CT, MRI and PET scans), kidney dialysis, internal prostheses and rehabilitation. If you require additional treatment prescribed by a specialist whilst in hospital, such as treatment by a physiotherapist or a dietician, we’ll also cover this. These are just some of the in & day-patient benefits offered by International Solutions. Please download the brochure (PDF 4.63MB) for full information.

International Cancer Pledge

We take cancer cover very seriously, providing cover for all treatment and palliative care, as recommended by an oncology specialist. We’ll also make things as comfortable as possible after treatment with cover for aftercare that includes a contribution towards prostheses and wigs. Stem cell treatment will not be covered.

Out-patient Treatment

Our core cover includes the key elements of out-patient treatment that you would expect from your International Solutions policy, such as consultations with a specialist, diagnostic tests, radiology (including MRI, CT and PET scans), minor surgery and out-patient treatment such as physiotherapy. We’ll also cover the costs for up to 10 speech therapy sessions, on referral by a specialist, following a hospital admission for trauma or stroke. Please refer to the Individual International Solutions brochure (PDF 4.63MB) for all the out-patient benefits covered within core cover.

Additional Benefits

Complications of pregnancy are covered as standard and our home nursing benefit levels run for 60 days.

Everyday Healthcare

As standard, we’ll include many of the benefits you would get from your local GP, such as prescription medication and vaccinations, and up to 20 consultations with a doctor per person per year.

Optical benefits are also included and we’ll pay for routine sight examinations and contribute towards the cost of prescription glasses and contact lenses. This benefit also covers other GP referred treatments, such as physiotherapy, and offers cover towards hormone replacement therapy (benefit limits apply).

Condition Management

Acute phases of congenital or hereditary conditions are covered up to £50,000 and treatment for HIV and AIDS is covered up to £10,000.

Evacuation & Emergency Assistance

If treatment isn’t available locally, we’ll arrange for evacuation to the nearest facility, even if that’s in a different country.

Options to enhance cover

You can enhance your cover by choosing one or more of the following options. If you choose any of these additional options then your premium will increase. You’ll find full details in our IPMI brochure for individuals (PDF 4.63MB).


We offer two options, Maternity and Maternity Plus that provide cover for pregnancy and childbirth (pre- and post-natal care) and newborn cover. We also provide cover for investigations into the cause of infertility.


You can choose between Dental and Dental Plus – two levels of cover that include 100% reimbursement of dental costs incurred up to specified limits. This means that you’ll have cover for routine dental check ups, X-rays and fillings. We’ll also pay towards complex dentistry such as porcelain crowns and caps, extractions, dental surgery, and orthodontic treatment for children.

Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies

Policies can be enhanced with access to extra support such as psychiatric treatment and out-patient rehabilitation such as physical therapies to help you recover after illness or injury.

If you have any children included on your policy they will receive up to five speech therapy sessions. You will also have access to eligible alternative therapies: Chinese and homeopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture. This option can’t be chosen if the Essential Outpatient option is selected.

Repatriation & Compassionate Travel

As an enhancement, you can add our Repatriation & Compassionate Travel option to provide an alternative to evacuation, as well as providing you with more extensive cover in the event of a family emergency. This means that you’ll benefit from extra cover to help towards travel and accommodation costs for your spouse, partner or family if needed.


We understand the value you give to not only responsive care, but also to services that help you stay healthy. Our Wellbeing option includes cover towards the cost of routine examinations, such as mammograms, prostate screenings, hearing tests and dietician tests. Better still, it covers vaccinations for leisure purposes as well as business travel.

Decreasing cover to reduce premiums

You’ll find full details of ways to reduce the cost of your International Solutions policy in our IPMI brochure for individuals (PDF 4.63MB).

Adding an Excess

You can reduce your premium by adding an excess to the policy. The excess only applies to Out-patient treatment within core cover, the Essential Out-patient option and the Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies option. This would only apply once per person per policy year.

Essential Everyday Healthcare

With this option, you will still have access to some aspects of our Everyday Healthcare benefit – such as consultations with a GP – but some other benefits such as optical cover or GP referred physiotherapy will be removed.

Removing Everyday Healthcare

If you’re confident that local healthcare facilities will be enough in the country in which you’re living or working, then Everyday Healthcare cover can be removed completely from your policy.

Essential Out-patient

You could reduce the level of out-patient benefits covered by your policy to give a maximum benefit of £3,000, although cancer treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and CT, MRI and PET scans would still be covered in full. This option can’t be chosen if the Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies option is selected.

Our worldwide partners


With International Solutions in place, you are supported 24 hours a day in the USA by Olympus – a market leader in healthcare claims management who will make arrangements for any medical treatment.

Olympus helps us ensure access to over 6,000 hospitals and 525,000 physicians, day and night, usually without you having to pay anything up-front. That’s a huge advantage for you if you’re living or working in the USA. We’ve also made sure there’s no charge to use Olympus’ 24 hour support helpline, or to access their services and find the closest medical facilities – and any invoices for eligible costs are settled directly.


If you choose our Dental or Dental Plus options, and are based in the USA, you’ll have access to DenteMax, a dental network of over 200,000 dentists. You will get discounted treatment and in most cases we’ll settle bills directly with the dentist.


For extra peace of mind, we have teamed up with StandbyMD to provide you with access to qualified medical practitioners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 86 countries around the globe. StandbyMD operates a phone based service as well as providing the added benefit of home-based visits in certain cities.

NAS Administration Services

In the Gulf, we’ve partnered with NAS Administration Services to give you the best possible level of claims support in this region. NAS is a best-in-class claims management provider, with a network of over 2,000 healthcare facilities. They’ll manage any claims you make, providing direct settlement in the vast majority of cases, including dental and optical claims.


We work with CEGA to ensure that, wherever you are in the world, you’ll have access to emergency assistance if you need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whatever country you're in, CEGA’s multi-lingual staff will provide emergency advice and medical expertise – liaising with doctors and hospitals, providing translation services, arranging ambulance transfers and even air evacuation if medically necessary.

Renewing International Solutions

When it’s time to renew your International Solutions policy, we’ll send a pre-renewal notification to you about 30 days prior to the policy’s expiry date. This will include details of any changes that could affect your policy – and we’ll only send out information that’s relevant to your specific cover: we believe it’s all about providing more clarity and making things easier for you.

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