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Health insurance and diagnostics insurance

If you have health insurance or diagnostics insurance with us, either directly or through your workplace, you can contact us online with your enquiry and we'll get back to you.

Claim or view your policy in MyAviva

To make a new claim, check on and update an existing claim, or just view your policy details, you can do this in MyAviva. For more information about claims, visit our health claims support page

Cancer Essentials and Physio Essentials

If you have Cancer Essentials or Physio Essentials, use our Health Essentials customer portal to access your policy information or to submit a claim online, quickly and easily, in just a few steps.

How did you take out your policy?

We have separate departments for customers who have health insurance as part of their company policy to people who've taken out policies directly with us.

First, please select which matches your policy type and we'll take you through to the right contact forms.

If you’re part of a large corporate policy, with a policy number that starts with 95, 96 or 98, you need to contact your HR department to tell them about your change of address.