Health products for sole traders

International health insurance

How would you cope, if you were working overseas and fell ill or were injured? Would you be able to speak the local language? Could you rely on a travel insurance policy to get you care from a high quality private care facility?

International Solutions

Many self-employed persons think that travel insurance is enough when they go abroad on business, but that’s rarely the case. So if you’re a sole trader spending time overseas, we’d like to tell you more about International Solutions…

  • Access to unlimited leading private healthcare facilties, worldwide
  • Care to compliment state provisions and give you high quality private treatment
  • Costs based on the region you’re living in, with options and benefits to suit you
  • Peace of mind with 24 hour multi-lingual medical assistance

Find out more about International Solutions, and how its benefits can help sole traders get prompt, private treatment on our dedicated International Solutions pages

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