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Health insurance is here to keep you on your A game and we've got a selection of articles to help explain how. Read on to explore some of the many things we protect against, including cancer, heart disease and mental health conditions.


Understanding OCD and how health cover can help

Our health insurance covers a range of mental health conditions, including OCD.

Men’s health through the ages

Check out our latest survey results and bring confidence to men’s mental and physical health.


A stillbirth is a death of a baby, at any time after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy.


Learn about the causes, risks, and treatments for eclampsia.

Molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancies are when the baby and the placenta develop in an unusual way, and fluid-filled sacs will grow in clusters inside of the womb.

Caesarean section – The operation and recovery

A caesarean section is when your baby is delivered through a cut in your stomach rather than a vaginal birth.


Learn about causes and prevention of miscarriage.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy assesses, diagnoses, and treats speech and language disorders.

Wellbeing and the path to financial fitness

How taking care of your body and mind can help you tackle your finances

5 ways to support someone with cancer

Thoughtful ways to help someone who’s living with cancer

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