Five ways family health insurance could help your family

The benefits for you and your loved ones

1. Share a policy with your partner

Sharing is caring, and by adding a spouse or a partner to your policy you’ll both be protected by a big umbrella of services designed to care for you and your health.  No need to squabble over who gets what, you’d both have access to things like extensive cancer care and wellbeing services^. You could also save money, as a shared policy may work out cheaper than two separate ones.

^ These services are non-contractual and can be withdrawn or amended by Aviva at any time.


2. All children after your first are free

Kids can be expensive, there’s no hiding from that. However, just like hand-me-down clothes, younger siblings can benefit from money spent on the eldest child. With Aviva health insurance you only pay for the first child added to your policy; all other children after that are covered for free, as long as they and your eldest are under the age of 20. We doubt you’ll get much thanks from your kids, but maybe it’ll give them another reason to look up to their older brother or sister.


3. Flexible living

The school run, important meetings, stocking up on ingredients – there’s only so much time in the day. One of the main benefits of family health insurance is definitely the convenience factor. Aviva’s Digital GP^ service means fast access to medical advice (you could have an appointment within 30 minutes) and specialist referrals, giving you control over where and when you access our services. Wait times are also shorter, allowing you and your family to take care of your health and get on with your lives.

^ These services are non-contractual and can be withdrawn or amended by Aviva at any time.


4. Newborn benefits

The more the merrier! If you or your partner has a baby, you can add them to your policy for free if you apply within three months of the birth date. Medical history for the baby will be disregarded in the event of a claim*, and no payment is required for three months from the date of the baby’s birth or until the next renewal date (whichever happens sooner). So, less worrying about cover and more time to spend with your new bundle of joy.

*While Aviva health insurance offers comprehensive cover for you and your children, any child under the age of 5 that has a serious health issue should always be taken straight to the nearest hospital.


5. Peace of mind

Ultimately one of the main benefits of family health insurance is knowing that you have timely, reliable medical support for you and your loved ones if you need it. Clear lines of communication, medical expertise, and shorter wait times mean that you and your family won’t have to hold your health back any longer.

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