Endowment frequently asked questions

Understanding your policy

Getting your money

Will I receive the money when my policy matures?

When will you pay out the money?

Can I receive my money by direct credit payment?

I live outside the UK, what do I need to do to get my money?

Why are you providing me with an estimated maturity value?

Will you tell me how you calculate the final amount I receive?

What is the 'mortgage endowment promise'?

I have other polices which have different maturity dates. Can I cash them in now?

What happens if I don't return my form on time or documents are missing?

What documents do I need to send you?

Proving your identity

Why do you need to see proof of my identity?

What is a certificate of verification of identity from an independent financial adviser?

Why do you need to see bank identification when you're paying the money into the account you've been taking the premiums from?

Will you accept an internet bank statement?

What is a certified document and why do you need to see it?

What wording should be used by the certifier?

Who can certify a copy document outside the UK for client verification purposes?

Will I need to prove my identity for each of my policies?

I'm no longer with the other named policyholder. What do I need to do to get my money?

Why do you need to see the original policy document?

Policies held under trust or assigned to another person or company

What happens if my policy is held under trust?

What happens if my policy is assigned to another person or company?

Why do I need to get a letter of no further interest from my bank or building society?

What is an acceptable form of letter of no further interest?

What happens if my policy is assigned to a lender and they want to claim the money?

What happens if there is a loan or an unpaid premium arrangement on my policy?


What happens to the policy proceeds if I have been declared bankrupt?

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