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Contents Insurance for tenants

Protection for your prized possessions

Contents cover for renters

Our Contents Insurance is perfect if you’re a tenant or renting a property. It covers not just your belongings, but cash and train tickets too, so you can be confident your possessions are protected. 

Unlimited sum insured

There’s no limit to the overall amount we’ll insure your contents for – so you don’t need to worry about being underinsured 1.

Personal money

Covers cash in your home up to £750, including travel tickets, gift vouchers and phone cards.

Moving home cover

Simply tell us your new address and we'll cover you when a professional removal company is helping you move to your new home.

As a renter, you won’t usually need to worry about buildings insurance as this is normally your landlord’s responsibility. 

Our cover explained

If you’re renting your home, our Contents Insurance could help protect your prized possessions. It covers your gadgets, cash, clothes and furniture – even the food in your freezer – from fire, floods and theft.

And if you move home, you can take your cover with you. All you need to do is tell us your new address – so no need to start from scratch.

Here's a breakdown of what's covered by our Contents Insurance.

What's covered

Unlimited contents cover

There’s no limit to the total value we’ll insure your belongings for 1. So whether you’re a cuddly toy collector or a serial shoe-shopper, we’ve got you covered.

Your contents – including valuables up to a single item limit of £2,000 – are protected from loss or damage caused by fire, theft or flooding. 

Food in your freezer

We’ll replace the food in your freezer if something happens to it. So if it breaks or you accidentally turn it off, there’s no need to worry.

In your garden 

Our cover also gives you peace of mind around the contents in your garden, with up to £1,500 worth of protection against theft or vandalism. And if an accident happens – say, the garden fence goes up in flames – we’ll take care of that, too.

Away from home

We offer basic cover for your belongings anywhere in the UK, up to £5000. But if you need more wide ranging protection, our extra personal belongings add-on will ensure you’re covered anywhere in the world.

Extra personal belongings cover

We offer optional extra personal belongings cover that gives your possessions more protection against the unexpected.

This protects individual items up to £2,000. And even if you take your belongings away from home, we’ll cover you for theft, accidental loss and damage worldwide. 

If you want to cover more expensive items worth over £2,000, we can also help out. 

Personal money

We cover personal cash as part of our standard Contents Insurance. But with our extra personal belongings cover, your cash – including items such as train tickets, gift vouchers and phone cards – will be covered worldwide up to £750. You’ll also be protected in the event of damage or theft from your home 1.

Optional accidental damage

This is an optional extra that you can add to your policy. While your standard cover protects you against things like fire and theft – accidental damage cover goes much further.

We offer 2 levels of cover – 'Limited' and 'Extra':

  • 'Limited' cover insures you against accidental damage to non-portable home entertainment equipment, mirrors and glass in furniture (like in cabinets or coffee tables)
  • 'Extra' cover insures almost all of your contents if they’re damaged accidentally– so no need to panic if you spill that glass of red wine on your cream sofa

To add this to your policy, simply select the add-on when you get your quote.

What’s not covered

Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything as standard – make sure you’re happy with what’s not covered, including:

  • Bicycles stolen from your garden (unless they were securely locked to an object that can’t be moved)
  • Any motorised vehicles, aircrafts, caravans or watercrafts
  • Misplacing or accidentally losing items 
  • Wear and tear, and the cost of repairing breakdowns

Take a look at our full policy details to see full details of what's covered.

Read our policy wording (667.7 KB)

Ready to get cover?

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