What does our critical illness insurance cover?

Here’s what’s included when you take out a policy with us

Understanding exactly what you’re covered for can give you peace of mind, when you need it most.

A quick look at our critical illness insurance

Let's say you have our critical illness cover in place and you’re diagnosed with, or undergo surgery for a critical illness. If it meets our policy definition, and you survive for 10 days, we’ll pay out a tax free lump sum for you to use however you need.

If you want to know more about how critical illness cover works, watch our video.

What our critical illness cover covers

Each provider's critical illness insurance will cover different conditions. We only cover the critical illnesses we define in our policy and no others.

Below is a list of the conditions covered by our critical illness insurance in alphabetical order. For more details about each condition, see our policy conditions (PDF 203 KB).

Conditions covered in our Critical Illness Plan

A - C

D - O

P - Z

Want critical illness cover?

Take a look at our cover in more detail and find out how to apply.

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