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Aviva Dash Cam

Why you should use Aviva Drive’s latest feature

What’s the Aviva Dash Cam?

The Aviva Dash Cam is the newest feature of our Aviva Drive app. Turn it on to use the camera on your phone to film the road ahead, and save footage from your journey whenever you like.

What’s more, the Aviva Dash Cam will auto-record any collisions, and can film your journey all the way from A-B too, so you can focus on the road.

But why should I get one?

Dash cams are getting more affordable and more popular, but Aviva Dash Cam goes one step further – coming totally free as a feature of our Aviva Drive app.

Why the popularity? Because they can act as your independent witness for claims. The video footage that your dash cam records and saves could prove vital in settling a claim.

Aviva Dash Cam can help you out if you need to explain a road incident to the police, too. Think about it – it's hard to argue with video evidence!

So sit back, de-stress, and drive safe. No matter what happens on the road, it’s easier to explain with the Aviva Dash Cam.

How do I get the Aviva Dash Cam?

It’s easy – download the Aviva Drive app from App Store or Google Play Store and start using it while you drive.

Remember, the only way you should use your Aviva Dash Cam is with a phone cradle. A cradle lets your phone sit safely on your dashboard while you drive, so you can focus on driving.

What happens to the video clips I save?

Thanks to collision detection technology, Aviva Dash Cam can detect a collision and save footage of it automatically. You can also save footage manually, so you have total freedom over what you keep and what you delete.

All video clips will be saved in the app (but only stored locally on your phone) and you can watch them, share them and delete them at any time. They’re small files, so won’t clog up your phone memory, and are easily shareable – so you can send them to us to support a claim, as well as the authorities, your friends or anyone you like whenever you want to.

If there is a collision, just make sure you don't delete any footage of it, as it could explain how it happened, and may need be shown to third parties involved in any legal action. This is a legal requirement for claims made against your policy or others. Also, you can't unreasonably withhold the footage in any civil or criminal action as you might be asked to disclose it as part of a court order. For more information about this, check our Privacy Policy.

Will the clips I record stay private?

Even if your footage is stored in the Aviva Drive app, we’ll only see it if you share it with us. We can’t access your recordings any other way.

That said, if there’s a collision make sure you don't delete any footage, as it could explain what caused the accident and may need to be shown to third parties in relation to a claim. Check our Terms of Use on the app for further information.

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