Wealthify Junior ISA

Give them a head start

Open an account

Help kick-start their future

It’s a simple, user-friendly way to invest on behalf of a child – even if you have no investment experience. 

Choose how to invest

Wealthify offer both Original and Ethical portfolios, so you can choose where to invest the child’s money 1

Easy to transfer

Move any existing child trust funds or Junior ISAs into a Wealthify Junior ISA easily

No experience needed

Wealthify will manage the child’s money for you so you don’t have to

Remember, as with all investments, the value of your money can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you put in.

What is a Junior ISA?

A Junior Individual Savings Account, or JISA, is a tax-efficient way to invest money on behalf of a child so it’s there for them when they reach adulthood. Any returns are free from income and capital gains tax, and no withdrawals can be made until the account is transferred to the child when they turn 18. Whether they’re heading to university or hoping to get on the property ladder, a Wealthify Junior ISA is a great way to kickstart their future.

How it works

You can invest in a Wealthify Junior ISA for any child in your care under the age of 18. Once the account is open, anyone can make regular or one-off payments up to an annual limit of £4,260. Plus, you can transfer in a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA from another provider. When the child reaches 18, the account automatically pass onto them.


Get started

When you open an account, Wealthify will help you decide which investing style suits you best.


Add to your account

You choose how much you want to invest, then Wealthify will continually manage the child’s money for you.


Sit back

Track the performance of the Junior ISA account whenever you want – online, from your smart device.

What will you pay?

Simple fees with no hidden surprises.

Ongoing management fees

Open a Wealthify Junior ISA and you won’t have to pay the monthly Wealthify management fees for a year – currently at a rate of up to 0.7% a year 1 .

Investment fund fees

You’ll pay an annual percentage of your investment – this can vary, but is typically between 0.16% and 0.23% a year for the Original portfolios, or between 0.42% and 0.69% a year for the Ethical portfolios 2.

Am I eligible?

You can open a Junior ISA on the behalf of a child if:

  • You're the child's parent or guardian
    You must be either the parent or guardian of the child you’re opening a Junior ISA for
  • You haven't opened another Junior Stocks & Shares ISA this year
    You can only open and/or pay into one a year, so if you want to open a new Junior ISA, you will need to transfer any existing Junior ISAs into the new account

Why invest with a Wealthify Junior ISA?

If you want to start investing for a child, but aren’t sure where to start, our Wealthify Junior ISA could be the answer.

  • Choose how to investWealthify offer both Original and Ethical portfolios, so you can choose where to invest your child's money.
    Your values are as important as investing for their future. Our ethical fund providers are signatories to the Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI) so you can rest assured your money is doing good for others.
  • Easy to transferMove any existing child trust funds or Junior ISAs into a Wealthify Junior ISA easily.
    It’s simple to transfer any existing accounts to us – plus, consolidating accounts makes managing money their easier.
  • No experience neededWealthify will manage the child's money for you so you don't have to.
    Wealthify offer a range of options based on your attitude to investing – from cautious to adventurous – and their experts will then manage investments for you1.
  • Flexible and affordableAnyone can contribute to their account - from small amounts to lump sums.
    With a Wealthify Junior ISA, anyone can contribute lump sums or regular monthly amounts – up to the annual Junior ISA allowance limit, currently £4,260 for the 18/19 tax year – and there’s no minimum payment.

Start investing today

Pay no Wealthify management fees for a year – just investment fund fees.² After the first year standard Wealthify fees will apply, currently up to 0.7% per year.

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