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Whether you’re saving for the future or considering your options at retirement, you want to be sure you're making the right choices. That’s where financial advice comes in – and we can help you on your way.

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Your first meeting is free, with no obligation to carry on with our service

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As our financial advisers can only give advice on products and services we offer, you'll need to speak to our support team first to see if our service is right for you. If it's not, we can suggest other sources of independent advice. 

How we've helped you

You don’t have to make financial decisions alone. Here are some examples, shared with permission, of how we helped customers achieve their financial goals. 

Planning now for my future

Debbie wanted to try and maximise what she was putting away and getting back, and knew she needed to speak to someone. She got in touch with us to get some advice and had her first meeting in her house with our adviser, Joy. Debbie found the process easy to follow and Joy was flexible around Debbie’s busy life.  

Starting the next chapter

Ian was keen to move to the next stage of his life and needed some advice. He called us and we put him in touch with David, one of our advisers. All Ian wanted to do was access a lump sum and have his money reinvested. David helped him gather all the paperwork and put a plan in place when he visted Ian at his house. 

Meet some of our Aviva financial advisers

Watch these two short videos to get to know some of our financial advisers a little better.

Katrina's story

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Video transcript

Katrina’s story

My name's Katrina Wood, I live in Bradford. I've lived in Yorkshire most of my life and always worked in Yorkshire.

My hobbies were here in the theatre, and I've probably done this most of my life - a dancer from 3 years old. I've done quite a few bits of extra work on TV, so in the north you have to do Coronation Street and Emmerdale, that's a given, and Frost was filmed around here, so I've worked with David Jason.

When I left school I didn't really have any plans as to what I wanted to do. It was very much I'd kept my options open and I sort of tumbled into banking. But then at some point during that stage we had to go into the exams relating to financial advice and suddenly things started to change. I discovered that that was the right path for me. I enjoyed what I did, I enjoyed helping customers and then 1995 I became a full-time financial adviser.

So, often, your job is helping people solve a lot of their life, and the finances sit around it. There's really nothing more rewarding than when you know you've left the house and you've taken a burden off the customer's shoulders.

So for anyone who's thinking about financial advice, go out and start doing your research on it to start with. The worst thing you can do is not do anything, so speak to a few people, and I would say your first starting point is deal with a person that you feel comfortable with, but also a company that's either been recommended to you or that you know about and trust.

A big area that we deal a lot in at the moment is with retirement - and helping people get to retirement - but also accessing their money so that they can enjoy their retirement. And one of the big things that we help people establish is what sort of things that they want to do in retirement and how we're going to be able to get them there to be able to enjoy it.

Whether it's sitting in a theatre, or taking part in a golfing match, or going on your holidays. We're retired a long time - we work hard, we work long, but equally, people are living longer and it's a happier place if you're doing things you want to do.

Simon's story

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Video transcript

Simon’s story

My name’s Simon and I’m from Bristol. I’ve lived here virtually all my life, although I was actually born in Middlesex. But I moved here when I was 4, so I’m more or less a Bristolian.

So I’m married and I’ve got two boys as well as an older daughter. I also play hockey and have done for around 30 years – hence the location. I give up a lot of time to it, including umpiring. But more importantly, I coach junior and adult hockey – meaning I’m giving back to a sport that I’ve enjoyed all my life.

Did I always want to be a financial adviser? No. I sort of fell into the industry when I was 18, working in administration for financial services. I worked through lots of different areas and departments doing all sorts of different things. Around 12 years ago, I quite fancied a new challenge, so I went to work for a bank as a trainee financial adviser.

I really enjoy being a financial adviser because of the support I can provide to my customers. They’ve asked us for help because they’re stuck with certain issues. And it’s a really good feeling to leave a customer’s house knowing you’ve given them something that’s going to help them with their lifestyle. It’s going to give them financial security and at least point them in the right direction. To know I’ve assisted them in some way is a really good feeling to leave with.

Financial advice is important because most people don’t actually think about it until it’s too late. So we need to educate people to plan for their futures as early as possible. I’d say to people to go with someone that’s recommended – go with a trustworthy and something you believe in with a good reputation.

I really enjoy being a financial adviser because it’s all about support and providing assistance to customers. And that’s no different to providing support and assistance to my kids at hockey coaching,

OK, I’ve got a few drills to sort out now, so I’d better be off.

What our financial advice service offers

We’re here to help. You don’t need to be an Aviva customer to ask us for advice.

  • First meeting free
    Your first meeting is free, with no obligation to carry on if you feel our service is not for you. But if you do decide to go ahead, we’ll explain what our service includes, how we can help you achieve your financial goals, and our advice charges – so you''ll always know the maximum it will cost.
  • Specialist retirement advice
    We have over 100 financial advisers across the UK who can give you pensions and retirement advice. If you’re looking for other types of financial advice, we can put you in touch with one of our carefully selected advice partners.
  • Final salary or defined benefit review service
    Review your final salary, or defined benefit, pension to understand whether it’s still right for you and your financial future. Our defined benefits advisory team has been accredited with the Pension Transfer Gold Standard from the Personal Finance Society. 
  • Take your time to decide
    Our advisers will give you the time you need to make any financial decisions because it’s important you feel happy you’re doing the right thing with your money.
  • Advice you can trust
    Our advisers are highly qualified and experienced, so you can relax knowing you’ve received financial advice from someone you can trust.
  • Continued support
    Your circumstances can change over time, so if you choose our annual review service, we can help to make sure your financial plans continue to meet your needs.

Things to consider

There are some things to consider when thinking about using our financial advice service.

  • Any recommendations made by an Aviva Financial Advice adviser will be for Aviva’s products and services only
  • If you’d like independent advice, we can refer you to one of our financial advice partners

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