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Not everyone knows finance inside out, especially when it comes to pensions. It’s easy to sweep it under the carpet but getting the right advice as soon as you can could ensure you live the lifestyle you want after you stop working. 

If you’re saving for the future or considering your options at retirement, but feel you need some help, we’re here with a team of qualified advisers who can get you on track.

Explore financial advice with confidence

This short video explains how our financial advice service works, the value and benefits, and how easy it is to arrange a no-obligation chat to decide on the next step.

Advice tailored just for you

It all starts with a conversation. A chat. One that's focused on you, your hopes and ambitions for you and your family's future.

Our local male and female advisers can help you answer questions like:

  • How can I achieve the retirement I’d like?
  • I have a final salary (defined benefit) pension - what options do I have?
  • How soon can I retire?
  • Would combining my pensions be a good idea?

Things to think about:

  • Recommendations will be for Aviva’s range of products 
  • If our advice service isn't right for you, we can put you in touch with one of our carefully selected partners

Gold Standard for defined benefit transfers

We're one of the few companies authorised to advise and arrange defined benefit transfers.

What’s more, we’re accredited with the Gold Standard in pension transfers by the Personal Finance Society, the professional body dedicated to building trust in the financial planning profession.

What our financial advice service offers

We’re here to help. You don’t need to be an Aviva customer to ask us for advice.

  • No charge for your first meeting
    Nothing to pay for a chat with an expert and no obligation to carry on if it’s not for you.
  • Simple, understandable charges 
    Our charges will be fully explained in the first meeting, so you know what you’ll be paying for if you do decide to proceed.
  • Final salary or defined benefit review service
    Review your final salary, or defined benefit pension to understand whether it’s still right for you and your financial future. Our defined benefits advisory team has been accredited with the Pension Transfer Gold Standard from the Personal Finance Society.
  • Take your time to decide
    Our advisers will give you the time you need to make any financial decisions because it’s important you feel happy you’re doing the right thing with your money.
  • Local female and male advisers you can trust
    Our experts are a diverse team of female and male advisers based across the UK.
  • Continued support
    Your circumstances can change over time, so if you choose our annual review service, we can help to make sure your financial plans continue to meet your needs.

Our handy guide to financial advice

Our easy-to-understand guide helps explain more about financial advice and our service.

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There’s a lot to take in and it can be hard to know where to start. If you already have an adviser, contact them and they’ll be able to help. If you don’t, give us a call and we’ll help you identify the retirement options best suited to you. 

Please note, our financial advisers can only give advice on products and services we offer. So we’ll put you through to our support team first to help you see if our service is right for you.

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Looking for guidance, not advice?

We have a team of experts that can offer free guidance on your retirement options. They can tell what you could do but not what you should do.

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