General exclusions

Exclusions — What’s not covered by Aviva motorcycle insurance

Below are some examples of what is excluded under the policy. For full details, please consult the motorcycle policy booklet (PDF 394KB).

We won’t pay for any accident, injury loss or damage which happens in the following circumstances:

  1. Loss of use, reduction in value, wear and tear, or mechanical, electrical or computer breakdowns, failures or breakages
  2. Damage to tyres caused by breaking or puncture, cuts or bursts
  3. Loss or damage directly caused by pressure waves caused by an aircraft or other flying objects travelling at or above the speed of sound
  4. Loss of value following a repair
  5. Loss or damage arising from theft while your ignition keys have been left in or on your motorcycle
  6. Loss or damage to helmets and protective clothing
  7. Loss or damage to spare parts by theft if the motorcycle is not stolen at the same time
  8. Loss or damage arising from your motorcycle being used for a purpose not permitted under your motor insurance policy or being ridden by anyone with an invalid licence
  9. Loss or damage arising while your motorcycle is being ridden by any person not named as an additional driver
  10. Loss or damage caused while your motorcycle is being serviced or repaired
  11. Loss or damage caused by ionising radiation or radioactive contamination, or the dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment
  12. Any motorcycle accident, loss or injury which is the result of:

    • War, invasion or the military activities of a foreign enemy
    • Civil war, revolution, rebellion or insurrection
    • Military power (even if properly authorised by the government) or usurped power (military action not authorised by the government)
    • Earthquakes
    • Riot or civil commotion happening somewhere other than in Great Britain, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands unless you can prove that the accident, injury, loss or damage was not caused by that event

    However, we will provide any cover required by the Road Traffic Acts.

  13. Loss or damage caused as a result of you failing to take all reasonable steps to prevent it
  14. Loss or damage arising from your failure to maintain your motorcycle in good condition. We may inspect your motorcycle at any time

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