Child maintenance if you are self-employed

Child maintenance if you are self-employed

If you’re paying child maintenance and you’re self-employed, or you’d like to receive child maintenance from someone who is self-employed, it’s exactly the same as being employed.

The advantage of this is it’s easy to work out how much the payments should be. The difference is that, under current rules, some self-employed people draw a very low wage as a regular income – which is what’s used to calculate the child maintenance – but then draw dividends from their pre-tax profits.

For many people, that’s become a bone of contention – but the Child Maintenance Service, via Child Maintenance Options, can offer guidance on how to move forward if you’re unhappy about the levels of child maintenance you’re receiving. If you decide to work through the CMS, you’ll also get an automatic Annual Review, which helps to make sure the payments are fair and accurate.

Read more about the Child Maintenance Service, and find out what the basic levels of child maintenance you can expect receive are, at the moment.

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