New Parents, New Priorities - Aviva's Having a Baby Tip Sheet

New Parents, New Priorities - Aviva's Having a Baby Tip Sheet

When you become a new parent, there’s very little time to think about anything except what your little one wants right now. You’re making new memories, every moment of every day.

From changing nappies, to getting the next feed ready; from sorting out who’s going to do the nursery-run, to worrying about the colour of what’s in the nappy you’ve just changed – it’s pretty full-on. There’s very little time to think about anything but your baby, and rightly so too – there’s nothing more precious.

Thinking about you

With that in mind, we asked our friends on the social media networks to share what their top tips are for new parents.

What’s interesting, is that (although they’ll seem like common sense for many Mums and Dads with older toddlers), if you are a new parent, it’s the simple things that are easy to overlook at the time.

If you're expecting a new arrival or are planning for one, read the tip sheet and enjoy the combined knowledge of decades of parenting.

Every day, you’ll be trying to do the best for your new baby. Nappies and other every day essentials are probably at the top of your priorities most days. But as you’re getting into the swing of life as a family and getting into a routine, remember that life insurance could help protect those closest to you.

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