Looking at life insurance?

Looking at life insurance?

Author Jon Keens

It can be quite enjoyable, browsing for a holiday or looking for bargains online. These days, it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for: some of those pop-up ads may be quite funny, and details of what you’re shopping for may even be inspiring. But how often do you stop what you’re doing, make a cup of tea, open up a laptop or switch on your phone and say, “Wow, I can’t wait to spend some time looking at my life insurance options today.”

Not often, right? Perhaps it’s because life insurance involves, well, thinking about death really. Perhaps it’s because life insurance companies don’t usually make all-singing, all-dancing, hootenanny, get-your-quote-here websites. Can you imagine one of those? It could be terribly inappropriate if it was done in poor taste.

Indeed, life insurance is a very serious matter, and one we encourage everyone to read up on and talk about sooner rather than later. But when is it ever a good time to think about life insurance?

Actually, it’s a good idea to look at life insurance right now

It’s always a good idea to protect the people – most important to you. Life insurance can help you do this, so you should see if it makes sense in your personal circumstances.

  • Are you just starting out in life with a young family? Having a baby? Planning to? Our short video, ‘Having a Baby’, highlights the things it’s easy to forget day-to-day; but every day with a baby or a toddler is a day to be treasured. So for peace of mind in ensuring your family is financially protected then life insurance should be a key consideration.
  • Are you just setting up together as a couple? Buying your first home, like the couple in our video, ‘Starting Out’ and starting to pay the bills together perhaps? Then life insurance could give you both peace of mind. And once the payments are set up, they may be a relatively small part of your everyday expenses.

It’s never too soon to put a life insurance policy in place. But it can be too late if something happens to you, and your family has to struggle financially in your absence.

Once it’s done, you can get back to the more exciting things like decorating, maybe; gardening; planning for the future and spending valuable time with friends and family.

So why doesn’t everyone have life insurance now?

Good question. Many people say they’re simply ‘too busy’ to organise a policy (although most people manage to insure their car and many have no trouble insuring their pets or mobile phones). Others – perhaps you’re one of them – think the premiums would be too high, which is a shame, because it probably costs less than you think to protect what’s most important to you. We can show you – in fact, it only takes a few minutes to get a quote and find out what your premiums are likely to be.

Whatever you’re doing, however old you are or however many people you’d like to protect with a life insurance policy, there are a few questions to ask yourself including: what do I need to protect, how much cover do I need, and how long do I need it for? We can help you work out the answers. Watch our videos, and why not give us a call or get a quick quote today?

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