What is a life hack?

What is a life hack?

‘Hacks’ are everywhere at the moment - life hacks, food hacks, travel hacks - almost anything can be ‘hacked’. What is a life hack? A hack is simply a quick tip or trick that makes life easier, and you probably know a few already.

Folding the end of the sticky tape over so you can find it easily? That’s a hack. Here are some examples that make us smile, even if we can’t vouch for them all being good ideas!

Food hacks

  • Chill white wine with frozen grapes – cool it without it being watered down.
  • If you find a hair in your food at a restaurant, salt it before sending it back – you’ll know if they’ve sent the same food out again.
  • If your car has heated seats, turn on the passenger seat on the way home.

Home hacks

  • Fix towel rails to the inside of your cupboard doors to store pan lids, hang spray bottles, and save space.
  • A brick in your toilet cistern will save a brick’s worth of water every time you flush.
  • Boxes tend to split, so when you’re moving, pack heavy items in a wheeled suitcase.

Cleaning hacks

  • Bleach won’t shift the limescale in your toilet? Empty the water out, fill the pan with cheap cola and leave it overnight. A quick scrub next morning, your toilet will sparkle.
  • If you break a glass, a slice of bread will pick up the tiny shards (throw away the piece of bread carefully afterwards).
  • Chewing gum on your shoes? Spray with WD-40 and it’ll come off easily, or pop them in the freezer overnight – the brittle gum is easier to chip off the next day.

Life hacks

  • When you feel the urge to drink or smoke, go for a run, do 20 sit-ups, etc. You’ll start to associate quitting the habit with being fit.
  • Avoid people blinking in photos by telling them to close their eyes and open them on the count of three. This also prevents the ‘bunny in headlights’ look.
  • Find three hobbies you love – one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

Parenting hacks

  • When you go to the zoo, wear the same colours as the employees. The animals may come up to you instead of backing away, and children will think you’re Dr. Doolittle.
  • Not sure if a children’s film is appropriate? At www.doesthedogdie.com, you can find out if an animal or pet dies, is injured, or survives a film in advance.
  • Turn ordinary socks into non-slip slipper socks with a few spots of puffy fabric paint on the soles. Write your children’s names on them, to reduce confusion.

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