What is a no claim discount?

With careful driving and a bit of luck on your side, you’ll be able to build up a number of years of driving without making a claim on your car insurance. Your insurance company recognises your years of claim-free driving by giving you money off your premium. We call this a no claim discount.

Who can build up the no claim discount on a vehicle?

To earn the discount, you must be the main driver named on the insurance policy. You can only build up one no claim discount entitlement on a vehicle at any one time.

We may ask you for proof of your no claims discount at the start of your policy or at any time during your policy term.

Can I protect my no claim discount?

When you’ve built up a no claim discount, you don’t want to lose it in one fell swoop if you have an accident. For an extra cost, you can choose to protect your no claim discount. But first you need to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Are you aged over 21?
  • Do you have three years or more no claim discount?
  • Have you made no more than one claim in the last year?

If the answer to each question is yes, you can protect your no claim discount. You’ll be able to do this when you take out or renew your policy. Protecting your no claim discount means you can make one claim a year and your no claim discount will stay the same and your premium won’t go up as a direct result of that claim. However, your overall price could go up for other reasons.

Does every type of claim affect my no claim discount?

No, some claims don’t affect your no claim discount. For example, a claim where the other party has admitted full liability or where we’ve been able to make a full recovery of the costs. Neither do claims for glass repair or replacement, emergency treatment or replacement locks.

Does protecting my no claim discount mean my premium won’t go up?

Your protection means your premium won’t go up because you make a claim in the previous year. However, your premium could go up for other reasons, such as a rise in insurance premium tax or general year-on-year prices or if your claim ends any fixed price offer you have.

What if I have an accident that’s my fault but don’t claim on my insurance?

If this happens, you’ll keep your no claim bonus, but your premiums might still go up. Don’t forget that you have to tell us about any accidents you have even if you don’t claim for it. This is part of the terms of your insurance policy, so not telling us about an incident may affect your future cover.

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