Are you going to have enough?

Are you currently on track to be able to afford the retirement you want? Follow the two steps on this page to get a better idea.

The sooner you find out if you’re on course, the better – as you’ll have more time to plan and work towards the retirement you’re hoping for.

Step 1: Think about how much an income you’ll need

When you retire, you’ll want a decent income to live off. After all, you’ll still want to do all the things you love now – and probably a few others too. So it’s a good idea to consider how big an income you’ll actually need.

To help you do this, try jotting down all the things you spend money on now. Take off any expenses you won’t have by the time you retire (any commuting expenses for instance). And add any new expenses you might have, such as extra holidays or hobbies.

Step 2: Find out if you’re on track

Once you’ve got an idea of what sort of income you’ll want, the next step is to use our My Retirement Planner.

It tells you what sort of retirement income you might get based on what you’re paying into your pension now. And you can also see how changing your payments affects this figure.

Over the long-term, your pension plan will hopefully grow in value. However, as with any investment, its value can go down as well as up, so there’s a chance you may not get back the amount paid in.

Give your pension a boost

If you don’t think you’ll have enough money when you retire, there are several things you can try to give your pension pot a boost.

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Boost your pension pot

Discover some simple ways to try to boost your pension pot.

Tools and calculators

Whether your retirement is still some time away or it is fast approaching, it's important to get a clear view of how close you are to achieving your aims. Our simple online tools and calculators can help you.

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