Using your pension

Turning pensions into money you can use

Your pensions options

We'll help you access your pension money from 55 onwards. 

For example, you can take a guaranteed income for life, withdraw it as and when you need it or take a mix of both. You can also leave it where it is to withdraw at a later date or take it all in cash straight away.

Financial tips for a golden gap year

We take a look at how to see the world while staying financially healthy.

How much income will you need in retirement

When you stop work, or start winding down gradually, your financial plans for the future are likely to boil down to three key points.

Can't afford to retire?

Find out how you could fix gaps in your retirement finances to give you the security and certainty you want.

My Retirement Planner

See how much your pension could be worth when you retire with our retirement planner tool. 

Compare your options

This is a basic comparison and does not include all options or considerations.

Be sure to understand what your provider offers and shop around to find the best option for you.

  Guaranteed income (annuity)
Flexible income (drawdown)
Take it all in cash
Leave it where it is
Can your money run out?
No Yes
Yes N/A
Can you set up regular payments?
No N/A
Will it provide a guaranteed income for life?
Can you vary how much income you take?
Can you change your options later and use your pension differently?
Yes No

Want an easier way to manage your pensions?

If you have more than one pension, moving them into one pot could make them easier to keep track of and save you time in the long-run.

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We’ll give you all the extra help you need to plan out your retirement that bit more. You can check up on your Aviva pension, explore your retirement options, understand your pension, speak to a financial adviser and more. Simply choose a number below and give us a call now.

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This government service offers free and impartial guidance on your retirement options, either over the phone or face to face.

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