Pension consolidation

Gather your retirement savings together

Pension consolidation can gather up your previous pensions and bring them together. There’s important information on this page you’ll need to understand before you consider it.

  • Our Find and Combine service checks your pensions for certain benefits and fees and gives you an overview of each one
  • There’s no obligation. When you have the information it’s up to you
  • With them in one place you can have a clearer view of your retirement pot

What is pension consolidation?

As you move from job to job and change addresses it can be tricky to manage pensions. With every new one it’s more admin to deal with. By bringing them together you can have a clearer view of how much money you have for retirement, where it’s invested and what you’re being charged. With Aviva, combining them is free. 

Just bear in mind, the value of a pension can go down as well as up – and you could get back less than the amount that's been put in.

It's always important to consider charges and investment choices before consolidating any pensions.

Why consolidate your pensions?

  • Get a clearer view

    Gathering up your pensions could give you a better idea of your overall pension pot and what it could be worth when it’s time to retire. 

  • Lower charges

    You could benefit from lower management charges, which can help your pension pot grow faster. With Aviva, the bigger your pension, the lower our percentage charges will be.

  • Less life admin

    The more pensions you have, the harder it can be to keep track of them, and how they’re performing for you. With just one pension, that’s much easier.

How does pension consolidation work with Aviva?

With Aviva’s free Find and Combine service you can ask us to look for any UK workplace pensions or personal ones where you know the provider. We can also check the details of pensions you know about. Then you can choose if you want to consolidate them.

Step 1 of 3

Apply online

You give us as much information as you can about where you’ve worked, any pensions you might have had and the names and addresses your pension providers might have.

Step 2 of 3

Get the details

We’ll tell you about certain pension benefits and fees, and if there any charges for moving your pensions. You’ll usually be able to view each one online as they come in. 

You can see what we check for here. We'll also pass on all the details we get from the pension providers, so you can check for any other valuable benefits that could be lost.

Step 3 of 3

Decide what to do

Once you have all the information, it’s up to you what to do next. There’s no pressure to transfer them if you’re happier where they are. Our Find and Combine service gives you the option of bringing them together in a new or existing Aviva pension.

If you're not sure about consolidating your pensions, we recommend that you get financial advice first. For some pensions you must take advice before you transfer. If you don't have a financial adviser already you can find one at Unbiased - there will be a charge for advice.

Transferring your pensions to Aviva

If you already have the details for your past pensions and don’t need them checked, you can choose to transfer them yourself. You’ll need an existing pension with Aviva – or to open a new one with us.

Find and Combine FAQs

Are there any drawbacks?

What will you need to get started?

How long does it take to combine pensions?

Which pensions can you combine with this service?

Which pensions can't you combine with this service?

Does it check for all pension benefits and charges?

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