Pension tracing – find your lost and old pensions

Trace the pension pots you’re owed

You could have lost pension money just waiting to be claimed. Finding those missing pots is easy and could mean a rosier retirement

  • Track down pension money that belongs to you
  • With a few bits of information about your employment history, we can trace and contact your pension providers
  • It’s free with no obligation. You’ll get an overview of your pension information, then you can decide what to do

What is pension tracing?

Pension tracing is an easy way of finding your old pensions.

Whether it’s going from job to job, moving addresses or changing names, it can be easy to lose track of your previous pensions.

Our pension tracing service uses whatever information you might have – from old pension numbers to your employment history – to track down and check the details of those pensions pots. We'll then give you an overview of each one - and with Aviva, that's all free. 

Why trace your pensions?

  • You may be better off

    With £26 billion in lost pensions in 2022 worth an average of £9,500Footnote [1], it’s well worth seeing if some belongs to you.

  • Any size pot

    Don’t think a pension is too small to search for, whatever size don't miss out.

  • Get a clearer view

    Gathering up your pensions could give you a better idea of your total pot and what it could be worth when it’s time to retire. 

How does pension tracing work with Aviva?

With Aviva’s free Find and Combine service you can ask us to trace any UK workplace pensions or personal ones where you know the provider. We can also check the details of pensions you know about. 

Step 1 of 3

Apply online

You give us as much information as you can. Pension information is great, but if you only have details of where you’ve worked, that’s fine too. Then we’ll start tracking them down.

Step 2 of 3

Get the details

We'll bring your pension details together - you'll usually be able to view these online. We'll let you know about certain benefits you could lose or charges you'd need to pay if you transfer them. You can see what we check for here.

Step 3 of 3

Decide what to do

Once you’ve considered all the information, it’s up to you what to do next. You can leave your pensions where they are or maybe transfer them to another provider. Our Find and Combine service also gives you the option of bringing them together into a new or existing pension with Aviva.

Remember, the value of a pension can go down as well as up – and you could get back less than the amount that's been put in.

Bringing your pensions to Aviva

If you already have the details for your past pensions and don't want us to check them, you can bring them all together into a new or existing Aviva pension.

Find and Combine FAQs

Does it just find lost pensions?

What do you need to get started?

How long does it take to trace pensions?

Does it check for all pension benefits and charges?

Will it always find a lost pension?

Can you check the details of defined benefit (final salary) pensions?

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