“What’s the value of my pension?”

Just ask Alexa

Get the Aviva Skill

Introducing Alexa

Meet Alexa, the voice assistant for Amazon Echo. Designed to make your life easier at home, Echo is a hands-free device you control just by talking to Alexa. And you can add ‘skills’ to make Alexa smarter and more personalised – even when it comes to pensions.

About the Aviva skill

The new Aviva skill transforms the way you connect with your pension, allowing you to effortlessly find out your latest pension value from the comfort of your sofa. No need to log in to MyAviva, just ask Alexa.

Please note this skill is for people who have Aviva pensions and are registered with MyAviva. We’ll be adding more products and features, so check back soon.

How it works

Step 1


Find and enable the Aviva skill in Amazon’s skills store.

Step 2


Link your MyAviva account and set up your 4-digit voice PIN for security.

Step 3


Say - "Alexa, ask Aviva for my Pension value".

Frequently asked questions

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