Aviva and British Red Cross

A partnership rooted in community spirit

Building stronger and safer communities together

Image credit: ©Moldova Red Cross.
Caption: Volunteers of the Moldova Red Cross welcoming people from Ukraine with hot drinks and food.

Building stronger foundations with British Red Cross

Since 2016, we've been proudly working with the British Red Cross in a few different ways - from helping in times of disaster to giving advice on strategy and innovation. Our teamwork guides communities through tough times, making sure they reach calmer shores and grow stronger with each challenge.

Not only do we support charities in making communities safer, but we also want to help you be ready for any emergencies that might come your way at home or abroad.

  • First aid

    Did you know that only 5% of the UK population knows how to help in an emergency that needs first aid? We’re proud to work with the British Red Cross on their mission to teach more people about first aid skills, making it easier for everyone to learn how to help others in need.

  • Emergency response

    We prepare for emergencies and help when they happen. Our teams have digitally mapped 300,000 buildings and 28,000kms of road in some of the most vulnerable places in the world.

  • Community reserve volunteers

    We’re also helping to encourage people to join the community reserve volunteer programme. These folks are ready to jump into action during big emergencies and help communities shine bright again after a disaster.

Unity in action

When something bad happens in our community, most of us want to help but don’t know what to do. That's where our partnership with the British Red Cross comes in, like a bridge that connects our desire to help with the know-how to make a real difference.

What we do

As well as donating to the British Red Cross’s Disaster Fund, we’re also like a really big megaphone. We want to make sure that lots of people know about the great things the British Red Cross does and how they can join in too.

Inspiring new community reserve volunteers

If a crisis ever hits your community, you can be the one to step in and make things better. The British Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to help during emergencies, and the community reserve programme means you can be that hero right in your own area.

Building Resilience Together

Building Resilience Together is a pilot programme that aims to set up community resilience hubs across the UK. These hubs will help people to get involved with effective emergency planning, response and recovery in the face of developing climate emergencies. The hubs will be recognised local centres with the goal of building local preparedness and resilience.

Find out more at www.resiliencehubs.org.uk

A role with a sense of purpose

Retired Wiltshire resident Jerry has seen a lot of emergencies over the years. He explains how becoming a community reserve volunteer has helped boost an already strong sense of community spirit.

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Transcript  for video Could you make a difference?

The whole community component is important to me.

Over the years I've seen a lots of examples of problems within communities.

Terrible rail disasters and road accidents, things associated with weather, be that drought or flooding or snow or whatever it may be.

And it always strikes me that people tend to get together in these situations and pull together and that's a great thing.

Here in Box, we have a very strong community spirit anyway, so it's one of the strengths of the area I think.

And so to be able to perhaps help my friends and my neighbours and other individuals within this area were such a thing to happen, I think it's going to be honourable and it certainly would bring me some sense of purpose.

How can I become a community reserve volunteer?

Registering as a community reserve volunteer is quick and easy.

Step 1 of 3

Watch a short video

Head to the British Red Cross site and watch the short descriptive video. If you have any questions, just read through the FAQs.

Step 2 of 3

Share your details

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll need to answer a few signup questions. The British Red Cross will also need to confirm your phone number, so be sure to have it at hand.

Step 3 of 3

Help your community

In the event of a crisis in your local community, the British Red Cross will text you detailing the emergency. The text will ask if you’re available to help – if you are, just reply ‘YES’ and wait for further instructions.

Become a community reserve volunteer

Ready to be a community hero? You’ll be joining an amazing team that's always ready to help when it's needed most. Just head to the British Red Cross community reserve volunteer page to register.


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