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My wife was screaming: “She’s not breathing”.

I’d been on a first aid course at Aviva, where I work, which was run by the British Red Cross. 

So probably only a couple of weeks from completing the course to when the incident happened. 

I was at home when my two year old stopped breathing. 

Having done the course, it really helped give me some confidence in what to do in that situation, empowered me to take control. 

I simply just grabbed her and just started to do what I’d learnt. 

The first aid course was on the to-do list with 101 other things. 

And then Aviva offered it during the day. 

So it was absolutely ideal. 

The outcome is all really good news, she made a full recovery and she’s back to herself. 

She loves making a mess [laughs]. 

My plea would be do it. 

You just never know. 

You literally never know when you’ll need it. 

You can learn how to help if a child is unresponsive and not breathing here.

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