Helping small charities

Face the future with confidence

Building stronger communities together

Thousands of small charities all over the UK play a vital role in helping  their local communities thrive. At a time of great uncertainty, we believe there's so much we can do to champion, support and strengthen these causes.

Running a small charity can be tough, but overcoming every day challenges while looking ahead to the future is much easier when you have a helping hand.

Helping you thrive

Build your knowledge, connections and resources.

Beyond funding

We’re on a mission to connect small charities and community groups with the right people and expert resources. Our Aviva Community Group gives you an opportunity to share ideas and challenges, network with like-minded people, and get advice from professionals. With over 1,000 members already making the most of this resource, why not join in?

Need more volunteers?

With such a high number of small charities relying entirely on volunteers, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the support that you need. We’re working with Do-it – a free platform where you can advertise your volunteering opportunities to hundreds of willing people across the UK. Why not give it a try?

Community funding

Since 2014, we’ve given away £7.25m through the Aviva Community Fund in the UK, supporting over 2,500 small charities and causes across the country helping to build stronger communities and address a range of social challenges.

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Supporting small charities is just one of the ways we are helping to build stronger, more cohesive communities.

We are also working in partnership with the British Red Cross to build safer and better prepared communities by offering free flood resilience workshops and signing up 10,000 Community Reserve Volunteers to help at times of local crisis.

And in our home region of Norfolk, we've launched a new programme to bring people and organisations together to tackle loneliness – a serious public health issue that currently affects 40,000 people in the area.

Want to know more?

The Aviva Community Fund will be back later this year with a brand new approach to helping small charities. Register for the latest news and to hear about our other community activities and events.

Support for your small charity

Hints and tips to help your charity or community group thrive. Join our Facebook community group for daily advice and ideas.