Leanne and Lee’s critical illness claim story

Picture of Leanne with her family

It’s the news every parent dreads. But, with the right support, a child’s cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

By Nick Green

The unthinkable happened to Leanne and Lee in July 2018 when their three-year old son, Seth, was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, a cancer of the kidneys. Seth, along with his mum and dad, and already been in hospital for two solid months following initial diagnosis of the tumour. But it was the following eleven months of Seth’s chemotherapy treatment that threatened to put the family in a very difficult position financially.

Fortunately, both Leanne and Lee and taken out Aviva critical illness cover – including children’s benefit - which lifted a huge weight off their shoulders. This let them concentrate on their son’s health instead of worrying about money.

Leanne – the customer

“The payment of the claim made all the difference, we were able to focus on our son’s treatment and recovery without having to worry about money - and there was no rush to return to work. We asked our adviser to deal with our claims on our behalf and were really pleased with the process and how efficient it was. It made a huge difference at such a difficult time.

“When we took out our policies, we thought that if the unthinkable ever did happen, having cover would mean we had one less thing to worry about. Having gone through what we did, we are so happy we had cover in place. It meant we could focus on Seth when he needed us most.”

Vicky – the adviser

“When I heard from Leanne that Seth was seriously ill, I wanted to make sure the claims process was as easy as it could be for them, given their circumstances. So, we corresponded directly with the claims team at Aviva on their behalf throughout the whole process. The team at Aviva were very efficient and kept me in the loop throughout. This meant I could keep Leanne and Lee updated on how their claims were progressing.

“Sometimes there’s a perception that insurers don’t want to pay claims. However, this experience has proven otherwise. Aviva paid the full children’s critical illness benefit for both claims. They also paid out a greater benefit that we expected, as they approved payment of the full ‘Hospital Benefit’ included on both plans, without the need for any additional evidence.”

Amanda – Aviva claims handler

Amanda got the call from Vicky, Leanne’s adviser, regarding the claims. Due to the nature of the tumour, Amanda had to determine whether Seth was born with the condition or if it had developed over time.

“As with all claims, I was very aware of the stress that Leanne and Lee were under and wanted to get the right result as quickly as possible. The challenge for me initially was Seth’s diagnosis. Wilms’ tumours are usually a result of how kidney cells develop in the womb but that’s not to say he had the tumour at birth.

“So, I sought the advice of our wider team – our Paediatric Chief Medical Officer confirmed that process of diagnosis and our Philosophy Team gave the guidance on whether the congenital exclusion and thankfully, it didn’t in this case. I was delighted to be able to pay both the child critical illness benefit and the hospital benefit in full for both Leanne and her husband’s policies giving them the financial freedom to be with their son through each step of his treatment and recovery.”

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Some names have been changed.

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