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Need Financial Advice?

We’ll help you find the right financial advice for your needs

Why get financial advice?

If you need a helping hand planning your financial future or navigating the world of pensions, investments or retirement income, you could benefit from financial advice.

Help achieve financial goals

A financial adviser has the skills, knowledge and time to research and recommend solutions that meet your goals.

Help avoid financial pitfalls

By taking financial advice you may avoid taking too many risks with your investments, paying too much tax or running out of money in your retirement.

Have peace of mind

Financial advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority this means they must adhere to strict regulations.

Ways to contact us

Give us a call or send an email - we'll answer any questions you have, put you in touch with a financial adviser, or suggest other ways of getting support.


Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm

A partnership you can rely on

Planning your financial future requires a strong partnership. That's why financial advisers, like Natasha, are here to support you every step of the way.

"I never take on a client unless I think I can genuinely help them"

Video transcript

Natasha’s story

I’m a Yorkshire-born girl with three young children and an amazing husband. One of my favourite hobbies is being outdoors as much as possible. We’re in a great spot for hiking here, so we do a lot of that. I also love gardening – we’ve got our own vegetable patch and we keep bees. So we’re just trying to live the rural life as much as possible.

When I grew up we were living in a village called Holmfirth, which is where they filmed Last of the Summer Wine. And when I was 16, I went on an expedition to the Arctic with Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society. So I think the outdoors has always been a big part of my life.

When I left school I’d always been interested in economics and maths. I always had a dream that I’d work for myself eventually. So while I gathered my experience as an accountant in London and also as a stockbroker in the City, I felt my skills lent themselves to financial advice. I also really enjoy working with clients from different backgrounds and with different needs. That’s the part of my job I really love the most.

Financial advice is incredibly important. Unlike legal or accountancy advice, people think they can do it themselves. But the marketplace is always changing. Tax rules are always changing. And people often suffer from information overload and they don’t have the time to sift though lots of information to find the answers they’re looking for.

If you’re thinking of seeking financial advice, I’d say it’s a great idea to meet with a professional who can sit you down and get a full understanding of your needs. They’ll then draw up a financial plan with a view to meeting those needs in the future. They’ll also be able to research products across the whole market and find the best products to reach your objectives.

The most rewarding part of my job is when a client says to you, “Oh, you’ve explained it so well to me and now I understand”. I always want to put a client in a better position after I’ve given them advice, than they would have been without the advice. And I’ve never taken on a client unless I think I can genuinely help them.

I love living here in Yorkshire in this part of the world. While I’ve lived in London and Singapore, this is definitely where I call home.

How can financial advice help?

You can get help with reaching your financial goals at different stages in life.

Saving for the future

Make smarter choices when it comes to ISAs and other investments. A financial adviser can help you to set savings goals and consider the financial risks you’re prepared to take.

Planning for retirement

A financial adviser can help set up a new pension plan if it's needed, and review any existing plans to make sure you're on track to meet your goals. They can also advise on ways to use your pension money, such as taking an income or withdrawing a lump sum.

Tax planning

It’s important to consider the tax implications of making financial decisions. A financial adviser could help you be tax-efficient, and even affect how much you have to leave as inheritance.

Continued support

Your circumstances may change over time, and there may be changes in law or taxation which might affect your financial plans. To help with this, many financial advisers offer a review service where they will go through your plans with you to ensure they continue to meet your objectives.

Your future, our support

Whatever you want your financial future to look like, expert advisers like Simon are here to help make it a reality. Learn more about his passion for helping people reach their financial goals.

"I really enjoy being a financial adviser because of the support I can provide to my customers"

Video transcript

Simon’s story

My name’s Simon and I’m from Bristol. I’ve lived here virtually all my life, although I was actually born in Middlesex. But I moved here when I was 4, so I’m more or less a Bristolian.

So I’m married and I’ve got two boys as well as an older daughter. I also play hockey and have done for around 30 years – hence the location. I give up a lot of time to it, including umpiring. But more importantly, I coach junior and adult hockey – meaning I’m giving back to a sport that I’ve enjoyed all my life.

Did I always want to be a financial adviser? No. I sort of fell into the industry when I was 18, working in administration for financial services. I worked through lots of different areas and departments doing all sorts of different things. Around 12 years ago, I quite fancied a new challenge, so I went to work for a bank as a trainee financial adviser.

I really enjoy being a financial adviser because of the support I can provide to my customers. They’ve asked us for help because they’re stuck with certain issues. And it’s a really good feeling to leave a customer’s house knowing you’ve given them something that’s going to help them with their lifestyle. It’s going to give them financial security and at least point them in the right direction. To know I’ve assisted them in some way is a really good feeling to leave with.

Financial advice is important because most people don’t actually think about it until it’s too late. So we need to educate people to plan for their futures as early as possible. I’d say to people to go with someone that’s recommended – go with a trustworthy and something you believe in with a good reputation.

I really enjoy being a financial adviser because it’s all about support and providing assistance to customers. And that’s no different to providing support and assistance to my kids at hockey coaching,

OK, I’ve got a few drills to sort out now, so I’d better be off.

Want to learn more?

If you’re still getting your head around financial advice and what it can offer, our easy-to-understand guide will help explain more.

Download the guide

Get financial advice with Aviva

Our Aviva Financial Advice team are here to help you make the most of your money now, and in the future.

We’ll establish the advice you need

When you contact our financial advice support team they can help identify what support you need - they'll either introduce you to one of our financial advisers, who can talk you through your options, or suggest other options available to you.

Advice from an Aviva Financial Adviser

Our financial advisers have undergone years of professional training and are passionate about making a positive difference to customers' lives. They specialise in retirement planning and any recommendations they make will be for Aviva's products and services only.

We might think that your needs are better suited to one of our specialist financial advice partners – if so, we’ll put you in touch.

Paying for financial advice

The amount you pay depends on where you get your advice from and the type of advice you get. If you use an Aviva financial adviser, your first meeting is free and without obligation. We'll explain how we can help, the options available and how much advice is likely to cost.

Other useful sources of support

Pension Wise

Pension Wise was set up by the government and offers free and impartial guidance to help you understand your pension options. The service is designed for people age 50 or over. You'll be able to get help on the Pension Wise website, over the phone or face to face.
Visit Pension Wise
0800 138 3944

Independent financial advice

If you’d like to choose your own financial adviser, and get advice on products from other providers.
Visit unbiased.co.uk

Tax Help

If you’re close to retirement, Tax help can assist you with any problems or questions relating to tax, including what tax you’ll pay once you’ve decided what to do with your pension savings.
Visit Tax Help

Ways to contact us

Give us a call or send an email - we'll answer any questions you have, put you in touch with a financial adviser, or suggest other ways of getting support.


Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm

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