Apply for payment deferral

Eligibility criteria and important information

Criteria for payment deferral

If you’re struggling financially due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and need help, we can defer your monthly payment and spread it evenly over the remaining term of your policy. Check the eligibility criteria and important information below before requesting a payment deferral.

If you have multiple products with us, you’ll need to make separate applications for each.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have an Aviva direct car, motorcyclehome, or personal van insurance policy and you pay your premium monthly
  • The policy is active and you’ve made at least one payment
  • Unfortunately, if you have no further payments or only one further monthly payment due, we can't defer your payment
  • You’re the policyholder and you, your spouse/partner or the primary named vehicle driver on the multi-car policy:
    • Have been made unemployed at any point after 1 March 2020, or
    • Are experiencing significant financial difficulty as a result of a temporary reduction in income caused by Covid-19

You can also find free and impartial advice about what to do if you’re struggling financially on the Money Advice Service website.

Important information and how to apply

You’ll need to read and agree to the important information to ask us for a payment deferral. For the important information about your request and to apply, please choose the scenario which best describes your situation:

I’m up to date on my payments – my next payment is due in 10 days or less

I’m up to date on my payments – my next payment is due in 11 days or more

I’ve already missed one payment

I’ve now missed two payments

Your payment deferral questions answered

We’re sure you have plenty of questions about our payment deferrals, so we’ve tried to answer everything we can.

What is a payment deferral?

What products can I request a payment deferral on?

Will I need to pay this money back?

Is this available to new customers?

How do I ask for a payment deferral?

Who is eligible for the payment deferrals?

How long can I defer my payments for?

I’m an annual payer and approaching renewal, can I defer my payment?

What if I don’t meet the eligibility criteria?

Will I be able to make changes to my policy if I have deferred my payment?

I have multiple policies. Can I apply for a deferral on them all?