Free parent life cover

Take your first free step towards helping protect your family's future

  • £15,000 of free life insurance per parent for each child under 4
  • Lasts 12 months – apply in minutes and be covered straight away
  • Take it out alongside any life insurance you already have

Life insurance for your young family

Being there for your baby or toddler happens in so many meaningful ways, day after day. From 3am feeds and wobbly early steps to waving them off at nursery for the first time. While it may seem like a dot in the distance, planning for the day when you’re no longer around can be just as important.

Our free parent life cover can be a stepping stone towards filling in any future holes in your family’s finances. There are no sums to untangle, just two or three minutes of filling in the online form – and the halo of protection starts the second you hit ‘submit’.

You could see it as a year’s thinking time to draw up more detailed life insurance plans if you want to. Or use our free parent cover side-by-side with longer-term cover to boost your total cover amount for the 12 months ahead.

The benefits of our free Free Parent Life Cover

Our Free Parent Life Cover is a good starting point to protect your family’s future, with an entire year of free life insurance. It offers £15,000 of cover for each parent, for each child, completely free. We won’t even ask for your bank details.

Both you and your partner can take out a separate policy for each of your children, from birth or before their fourth birthday. So, you could get life insurance worth £30,000 for each eligible child if both parents apply.

  • It's completely free

    You won't pay a penny (not at the start of the year, or at the end), and you never need to hand over your bank details or buy any other cover with us

  • You'll get £15,000 of cover

    That's £15,000 of cover for each parent, and you can take out one policy for each child you have. We'll pay the full amount if the parent dies within the policy term, and the claim's valid (more on that below)

  • It can start until they turn four

    You can apply from the moment your newborn arrives in the world until the day before they rip open their fourth birthday presents – and it lasts 12 full months whenever you take it out

Remember, each parent can only take out this cover once for each child, and it only lasts a year. You can take out free parent life cover alongside any other life insurance policy you have.

Apply now "Apply for Free Parent Life Cover here"

Life insurance for the long-term

Your life insurance cover amount is how much money we'll give the important people in your life if you die during the time that you're covered. So you might want to make life insurance more than just a 12-month thing.

Our Life Insurance Plan can stretch that financial security blanket across many years ahead – even decades. You can take this out from just £5 a month, or pay more to give your policy deeper pockets in terms of cover amounts. The price you will pay depends on the level of cover selected and your personal circumstances.

Some choose to switch it on once the Free Parent Life Cover has finished, others run the two hand-in-hand for a boosted cover amount for 12 months.

Find out more about our life insurance.

Are you eligible for free parent life cover?

You can apply for this cover if:

  1.  You're aged 18-66 and a permanent UK resident
  2. You have a child under four years old and are named as a parent on their birth certificate, full adoption certificate, special guardianship order, or final residence order
  3. You've not had any medical diagnosis or treatment for cancer, including for leukaemia and lymphoma, within the last 12 months
  4. You haven’t taken out this policy for the same child before 

How much cover will I need?

It’s worth totting up how much your family might need to pay off a mortgage or keep up repayments, settle any debts and cover general living costs. We have a life insurance calculator tool to do just that.

How our life insurance plans compare

Free parent life cover

  • £15,000 cover
  • Free 12 months cover only
  • You need to be aged 18 to 66 to take it out
  • Parents can apply for separate policies for each child under four
  • You can have free parent life cover and one of our life insurance plans at the same time

Life insurance

  • Starts from only £5 per month – the higher your cover amount, the more it costs
  • Choose cover lasting up to 50 years – or until you're 90
  • You need to be aged from 18 to 77 to take it out
  • Cover is 5 Star rated by Defaqto
  • We paid out 99.3% of life insurance claims in 2023 Footnote [1]  
  • Includes access to the Aviva DigiCare+ health and wellbeing app (provided by Square Health) at no extra cost, helping you enjoy life today. Be aware that this isn't part of your cover and we can amend or remove this at any time

How much does cover cost?

Free parent life cover costs £0 per month for £15,000 of cover for each policy for one year.

Our life insurance plan can start from as little as £5 a month. It’s flexible, which means you can pick a total cover amount or base it on how much you pay per month.

What our free parent life insurance covers

What we’ll give you

  • £15,000 of cover
    This is a fixed amount which we'll pay out as a lump sum if you pass away within the year
  • Free cover for a year
    There's nothing to pay, and we won't ask for bank details
  • Cover for each parent for each child under four years
    Apply from birth or any time before their fourth birthday

When we can’t pay out

  • If you don’t answer all questions honestly
    So make sure you fill in the form accurately and truthfully
  • If you pass away due to alcohol or drug abuse
    Alcohol abuse and non-prescribed drug overdose aren’t covered
  • If you pass away due to suicide
    Intentional injury that’s self-inflicted isn’t covered
  • If you move out of the UK
    We can't cover anyone who lives abroad

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