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We believe it's good thinking to help people get their money working harder. So we've put together a selection of articles and guides on saving and investing in one handy place. We'd love to hear your tips, too: share them on Facebook and Twitter using #SaveSmarter.

The real cost of graduating: 24 years to pay back your student loan

Aviva’s recent research reveals the true of cost of going to university and the wider impact of losing financial conf...

Delving into the UKs savings culture

Find out why we may struggle to save, what motivates us to save, and the different methods we take to manage our fina...

11 easy ways to be smarter with your money

Being smarter with your money needn’t be tough. We’ve put together some simple tips to help you do it.

Top 10 Tips to help you save water in the home

Do you use water carefully, or do you waste it? Here are some simple things you can do to save water in your home.

Could investing help your money work harder?

If you're putting money away for something more than five years in the future, investing may serve you better than sa...

Jargon buster: understanding financial news

Don’t know your assets from your elbow? Our jargon buster explains the key terms you’ll come across in financial news.

Gen O: Keeping fit and healthy on a budget

We spoke to three health and fitness bloggers, who shared their top tips to help Gen O (16-34 year olds) keep fit and...

Meet Gen O: 'The Ostrich Generation'

Gen O, born around the 1980s to 2000, have their heads in the sand when thinking about their finances.

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