Make a splash with family bath time fun

There’s no better time than family time and bath time is a firm favourite in many households. We’ve put together some ideas on how to make it even more fun for the whole family. Bubbles at the ready…

Tip 1

If bath time is a chore, get yourself a bath buddy. A favourite toy or teddy, that mysteriously disappears at tea time – and then reappears, happy to see your children getting into the bath.

Tip 2

Waterfalls. Grab your kitchen colanders and inspire your children to create waterfalls and their own weather – make it rain in the bathroom. Even having your hair washed is enjoyable when shampoo is washed off by indoor rain.

Tip 3

Go fishing. Hide little toys under the foam, give your child a ladle and watch them have fun fishing for treasure.

Tip 4

Get in there with them! Go mad, make sure you’re dressed appropriately – but why not literally ‘just get in’ one day, clothes and all. Can you imagine the look on their faces?

Tip 5

Water music. Wooden spoons, saucepans and bowls are great for making music in the bath. Create your own instruments and listen to the different sounds underwater.

Tip 6

Grab some old coloured flannels and make some bath time puppets. Enjoy a little puppet show on the side of the bath.

Tip 7

Have a water balloon bath. Fill balloons with coloured water then let your child pop them to see what colour is inside.

Tip 8

Use shaving foam coloured with natural food colouring to create a palette of ‘bath paint’s in a muffin tin. Your little artists can unleash their inner Picasso on washable bath tiles!

Tip 9

Sculpt your children’s shampooed hair into different shapes. Let them check out their reflection in the mirror.

Tip 10

Finally, why wait until bath time to have fun in the bath? Fill the bath with balls and create your own mini ball pool or create your own race track with toy cars. Just watch them zoom down the sloping sides of the bath.

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