Top tips for great family photos

We want to help you get the most out of family life. So here are some top tips to help you take striking family photos that celebrate your child’s development.

Tip 1

Relax and have fun. Worrying too much about getting the perfect shot might mean you miss it. Join in your child’s play and you have more chance of capturing those natural smiles.

Tip 2

Get down to their level. Lay down on the floor and see life from their perspective.

Tip 3

Don’t just focus on their face. Tiny toes and fingers make for great pictures too.

Tip 4

Use reflections. Kids love mirrors but interesting reflections can be found in bath taps, spoons and TVs on standby too.

Tip 5

Imperfections can be even more interesting. That sun flare, Grandma’s lipstick on their cheeks or a pile of toys in the foreground just help to set the scene – use your imagination.

Tip 6

Use natural light. The softer the lighting the better result you’ll get, so avoid very sunny or very dark places. A good spot by a window or doorway usually gives a good result or if you are outside and it is sunny, try and shoot in the shade.

Tip 7

Avoid posed photos. Sometimes the best photos are captured when children are so absorbed in what they’re doing, they are totally unaware of the camera.

Tip 8

Dress them in plain clothing. Don’t let bright and colourful patterns or large graphics on clothing distract from their faces.

Tip 9

Photograph them every day. Life is so busy and taking a few snapshots every day will increase the likelihood of you getting a range of interesting shots.

Tip 10

Finally, wait until they’re in a good mood. You know them best. And you also know that hot tempers and tired toddlers can be camera-shy, to say the least!

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