The 2015 Claims Calendar

The 2015 Claims Calendar

Using our data to predict the year ahead for accidents, damage and crime

Want to know when you might be most at risk of being burgled or having your car stolen?

At Aviva, we’ve analysed 10 years’ worth of our claims data to find the key times of the year that show when you’re most at risk - and therefore need to take extra care at home or with your car. Here’s our month-by-month guide to the most common property damage and crime claims.

January traditionally heralds the most water leak claims, thanks to frozen pipes bursting.

 February sees burglaries rise on Valentine’s day, with a rise in car claims up by 20% and house claims up by 9%.

 March brings more trouble to cars, as thefts rise 14% on Mothering Sunday.

 April usually means Easter holidays; a likely reason why we get 7% more accidental damage claims.

 May bank holidays, big days for bikers, sadly lead to 35% more motorbike accidents than normal.

 June’s 11% increase in accidental damage could be down to dads playing with Father’s Day ‘toys’.

 July’s Wimbledon Championships and World Cups lead to 20% more broken window claims.

 August’s school holidays continue with 10% more home accidents, as kids enjoy some hi-jinks.

 September welcomes the new school year, and a 6% drop in accidental damage claims.

 October’s Halloween tricks lead to an astonishing 160% rise in malicious damage.

 November has the most home and car thefts (up 22% and 20%), and 60% more fire claims around Bonfire Night.

 December, surprisingly, includes the worst day for fire claims – rising 120% on Christmas day, but even thieves take a few days off as burglary claims fall on Christmas day and Boxing day.

Caroline Cooper, director of property claims at Aviva said:  “Although it’s impossible to predict what's in store for us it’s interesting to see how the time of year has an impact on the type of claims we see.

 “From the romance of Valentine’s Day ruined by burglaries and car theft, to broken windows during major sporting events, kids running riot in the summer holidays and the numerous risks when the clocks go back, our data highlights the change in risks throughout the year.

“And, although dramatic weather events like storm and flooding can have an impact at any time, it’s clear that there are some incidents that are more likely to happen on specific dates.  So heed the warnings and stay safe whatever the season.”

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