Life insurance: does it really matter?

Life insurance: does it really matter?

Author Jon Keens

Yes. But we know that it’s not an easy subject to talk about, particularly as it deals with an uncomfortable subject (your death, or the death of someone you care about). It’s even more important though, as your life changes and you take on more family responsibilities, that you do discuss what would happen if the worst happened to you.

Young couples, simple questions about general insurance

When you start living together as a couple, there’ll be lots of exciting things you’ll want to do: set up a home, go on holiday or have a family, perhaps. They’re all easy to talk about, and while you’re making those plans you’ll probably consider taking out an insurance policy.

  • For example, if you’re setting up home there’ll be buildings and contents insurance to look at. How much are your things worth, does a basic policy provide enough cover, will your garage contents be covered as well as what’s in your house? Simple questions, easy answers.
  • Then there’s your family car: do you go for third party insurance or comprehensive cover? Are your laptops insured in the car? What about overseas travel, is that included? Very simple.
  • And if you think about travel insurance – would your bags be covered if they go missing en route? What about getting home if you go to hospital, or cover for huge legal expenses if something goes badly wrong?

Those are all things we think of as being normal when we’re protecting something we care about, and we’re sure you agree: it’s not hard to talk about insurance for things like that, is it.

Young couples – important questions about life insurance

So we often wonder why young couples don’t take a moment to think about one of the most important things in their lives – each other – and ask, how about you? How about me? Shouldn’t we get some insurance on each other’s lives? Honest conversations, like these: “how would you cope with our new house bills if something happened to me?” and “What kind of problems would you face, financially, if I wasn’t around?”.

We know it’s not easy, but it’s very important to talk about putting a life insurance policy into place before you need to claim on it. And you may be surprised by your partner’s response; perhaps they’d very much like to spend a relatively small amount of money on a regular basis now (as monthly premiums), to be assured of a lump sum of money being available, if the worst happens.

That’s why we say this: “If you care deeply about your partner and their welfare in the future, perhaps you should spend just a few minutes talking about life insurance today…”

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