Make moving in together simple with our Starting Out tip sheet

Make moving in together simple with our Starting Out tip sheet

It’s one of life's milestone moments. When you move in with your partner for the first time, everything’s exciting. Moving in together is a big step – congratulations! And we do hope that all goes well.

Okay, so you may argue a bit. Get annoyed at each other's habits, maybe. Or even feel as though you're the one doing the housework all the time to start with – that’s only natural. But even if you do feel like that while you’re setting up home to start with, it's all worth it to live with the one you love.

The thing is though, the less you bicker, argue and fight, the more you’re going to enjoy life under one roof. To help with that, we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook for their advice. We asked them what they wished they’d known when they first got together – and found some jaw-dropping ‘I wish we had…’ and ‘I wish he/she had…’ moments.

Make sure you get your life together off on the right foot by following our 8 Top Tips for moving in together.

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